We have appreciated the patience of all our prospective and current members as we took the time to finalize exactly what recruitment would look like in the Fall of 2020. We have always been committed to hosting a formal recruitment and welcoming new members to our community. While Fall 2020 will certainly look different, we still highly encourage all USC undergraduates who are interested in potentially joining an IFC fraternity to participate.


First, we will outline our updated recruitment format and explain the changes that have been made. The following adjustments reflect our commitment to following university restrictions related to COVID-19. Public safety is of the utmost importance and has driven our decision to host Fall 2020 Recruitment through an entirely virtual medium.

What is Open Recruitment?

Open Recruitment is an additional opportunity for potential new members (PNMs) to join a fraternity at USC. Participating chapters will be in attendance to speak with PNMs and then decide over the next two weeks if they wish to extend more bids.


Here is how it works:

Details for fall 2022 TBD, check back for future updates!