Sign up for Fall 2021 Rush

August 19 - 28, 2021

Registration Deadline - August 17th
Before rushing, you MUST check your University eligibility to rush. To check your eligibility, please follow the link below
Fall 2021 Recruitment will charge a $50 fee for potential new members. This fee goes to covering the cost of recruitment and funding DEI initiatives and scholarships for IFC. If you are unable to afford this fee, please email with the subject line FEE for assistance.

IFC Fall 2021 Recruitment Info


Fall 2021 Recruitment Schedule

Rush Information

Fall 2021

August 19-28

For any recruitment. related questions questions, please contact:

Round Breakdown:
  • House Tours: An opportunity to see chapter facilities and meet fraternity members. Houses will be split 7 & 7 on Friday & Saturday

  • Open House Tours: After Friday and Saturday House Tours, Rushees will cut down to seven houses. They will then be able to freely allocate their time between those seven houses

  • Off-Campus Events: After Open House Tours, Rushees will then cut down to their top 2 fraternities. Rushees will then join their top two fraternities, one each night, for an off-campus event.

  • Blue Chip: Following Off-Campus Events, Rushees will be invited to a Blue Chip Dinner. A Blue Chip Dinner is a meal hosted by a fraternity at a Los Angeles restaurant.

  • Bid Day: Rushees will get their bids from IFC and become new members at their respective houses!