Recruitment Guide for Parents


Hello! If you are reading this then your son is interested in joining a fraternity. As a parent, your feelings probably fall under a few different categories. If you were a member of the Greek community at your own college, then you are at least in some part familiar with how the Greek system at USC works and what your son should expect. Remember that while you may have a particular connection to a house, encourage your son to explore as many fraternities as possible so that he can make an informed decision of his own. If you are like my parents and were not members of the Greek community during college, I am sure you have an abundance of questions.

The Process

In order for your son to take full advantage of the week long recruitment period please see here for the complete rush schedule. The first day of rush starts with a rush presentation at the Tudor Campus Center’s downstairs ballroom where rush chairs and presidents from all 18 chapters will be present for prospective new members to speak with them. The following day each chapter house will be open for prospective new members to tour and speak with the brothers. The following three days will consist of rush events hosted by individual chapters at off campus locations. Common events include: paintballing, go-karting, billards, etc. All are different events to allow the brothers of the house to meet as many prospective new members as possible.

After the three days of rush events chapters will host invite-only formal dinners. These events, called “blue chip dinners”, are a formal expression of the chapter’s interest in having your son join their fraternity. The following day the brothers of the chapter will gather and formally vote whether or not to extend a bid to each member. Following this your son will be contacted by the chapters that have extended him a bid. If your son does not receive a bid from the fraternity of his choice then he is encouraged to attend secondary rush (date, time, and location listed on the rush schedule) where one or two representatives from each chapter will be present to continue the recruitment process.

There is no fee for fraternity recruitment and all members of the USC family are encouraged to come out to rush. Involvement is by all means voluntary and your son can choose to end the rush process at any time. Your son can also enter the rush process at any point up until the blue chip dinners, although it is highly encouraged that they participate in the entire week.

The Process

I never thought that I would join a fraternity upon entering USC, but after being exposed to the camaraderie of my chapter I was hooked and it has certainly been an important and meaningful part of my college experience. The Greek community has taught me more about leadership and teamwork than I could have ever gained in the classroom alone.

Fraternity members also encourage each other to reach their full potential as students, future-professionals, and people. The IFC member fraternities’ average GPA falls consistently above that of the all-undergraduate and all-Men’s averages. Additionally, our rich academic community boasts 297 trustee and presidential scholars. 223 members of our community have participated in undergraduate research and 353 members are double majors. Members of the Greek community strive for academic excellence even after their tenure at SC ends with 1050 members planning to attend graduate school.  Each chapter participates in numerous philanthropies both in the local community and for foundations of their own choosing. Having raised approximately 200,000 dollars in the past year alone, the Greek community strives to consistently have a strong positive impact on those around them.

Many members of the Greek community are leaders in numerous different capacities across campus. In fact, 806 fraternity members at USC hold leadership positions in campus organizations and 1,948 members are involved in two or more student organizations. Whether it be through undergraduate student government, athletics, or other student organizations, USC provides numerous opportunities for students to apply the leadership experience provided by participating in Greek life. This valuable skillset will aid your son in all aspects of his collegiate experience and for the rest of his life.

Fraternity members are offered a wealth of opportunities for professional advancement. These opportunities range from alumni networking events provided by their own chapters to resume workshops provided by the Interfraternity Council. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Interfraternity Council contains 884 members that work 10 or more hours per week and 1714 members that have held an internship.

I cannot think of a better addition to your son’s college experience. If this letter has not answered all of your questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

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