IFC Initiatives

Spring 2022 IFC Educational Programming

The USC community is founded upon a culture of respect and scholars. As IFC, we’re aiming for the same culture among our members. So far this year we’ve instituted a number of new rules at events for the safety of the row as well as a number of new workshops. Recognizing the issues that were brought to light last semester, IFC is committed to working with Panhellenic in creating a lasting change in fraternity life to address sexual assault. On top of this, we continue to educate the row on mental health crisis response and diverse & inclusion issues that still remain a pertinent issue across American college campuses.

IFC Educational Programming

IFC centered New Member Wellness Day, a mandatory event, around educating new members of USC fraternities on sexual assault awareness. A Path 2 Courage led the way with lecturing on the appropriate behavior to exhibit with a woman, including covering all the steps to consent. Women’s Voices now engaged the new members in bystander intervention, which covered how to step in during toxic relationships and uncomfortable situations between two partners. Leda Health educated everyone on the resources for sexual assault victims and how to be a better ally to women. Every chapter met the 80% attendance threshold for New Member Wellness Day, most chapters well exceeding it

IFC ensured that all new member educators attend new member wellness day so that they lead by example and are set to the same high standards as their new members

IFC is working with Women’s Voices now to set up workshop times with each chapter on the row for active members and executive board members. The initiative is to educate all members, not just new ones, on appropriate behavior with women, bystander intervention, and resources for victims of sexual assault.

IFC has created a mandatory 1x month workshop for all chapter executive boards to lecture on mental health, EEO/Title IX policies, and diversity & inclusion policies

IFC has mandated training with new member educators on mental health crises response through a contract with a mental health specialist

IFC has empowered the mental health/wellness chairs of each chapter by assisting their training on mental health crises response and connecting them to resources to improve the overall health of their respective chapter

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Systemic Racism

Sexual Assault