Welcome to the Trojan Family!

Hi and Welcome!

My name is Kevin Gartland and I’m this year’s Interfraternity Council (IFC) VP of Recruitment. Thank you for taking the time to explore our website to learn what it means to be a Greek Student at the University of Southern California. The Greek Community is a very special place for a lot of students and I truly feel that being in a fraternity at USC has defined my college experience. Joining a fraternity within the Interfraternity Council (IFC) is an experience unlike no other. Brotherhood, Academics, and Philanthropy are just some of the main pillars that hold our community together. In terms of Brotherhood, all of our chapters provide an opportunity to connect with other Trojans in order to create a family at USC. Each member can rely on any of his brothers not only for the few years at USC but the rest of their lives. In terms of Academics, we are a community that prides itself in making sure that we are constantly putting our education first. We are proud to say that the average all-Greek men’s GPA is consistently higher than the all-university men’s GPA.


And lastly, Philanthropy plays an integral role throughout the year in every fraternity. The Greek Community constantly participates in philanthropic events that raise money for incredible charities and helps change lives for many people in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Going Greek and joining my fraternity has been such an amazing experience and I cannot imagine not being a part of this community.


My fraternity has taught me skills such as having confidence, friendship, loyalty, and leadership. I always feel that I have a home to go back too if I ever need a strong support group while I’m on campus. The relationships that I have developed with my brothers is unparalleled to any relationship Ihave made in the past. I know my friendships with fraternity brothers will extend past my time here at USC and I know I will cherish these relationships for the rest of my life. I truly believe there is a chapter out there for everyone and I encourage everyone to go through the recruitment process in order to find their home.


As VP of Recruitment of IFC, I look forward to seeing and working with you all during the recruitment process and I am excited to have you join our community very soon.


Fight On!

Kevin Gartland

VP of Recruitment