Trojans and Friends of the Trojan Family,

On behalf of the 16 chapters and 2,000+ men in the IFC community, welcome to the Interfraternity Council!


As one of the oldest and strongest traditions at the University of Southern California, Greek organizations continue to drive the energy and heartbeat of student life.


Fraternities provide their members with a home away from home during their college years— a community fostered on unconditional support and friendship. With such a foundation, our members grow in their character, relationships, and professional ambitions. The Greek community empowers people to pursue what they love and take the professional risks necessary to succeed while doing so.


Through this encouraging environment, Greek life motivates people to be the best versions of themselves. My fraternity experience has played a defining role in shaping the man that I am today. The growth in confidence, leadership skills, mentorship, integrity, and friendships that I attribute to my fraternity accentuates every facet of my time in college.


This is what it means to be Greek at USC. Our experience provides unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate leadership, community impact, and personal development.


In order to allow the Greek Community at USC to thrive and expand, the Interfraternity Council has resolved to work toward the follwoing goals in 2022:

  • Work in conjunction with affiliated parties, specifically the Administration, Student Government, and other Greek councils, to strengthen the Greek voice as a leader among student communities at USC.

  • Communicate further the message of inclusivity within Greek life, and subsequently foster increased diversity in our community.

  • Expand both the promotion and budget of the IFC Scholarship, with the hope of granting the opportunity of Greek life to as many people as possible.

  • Drive growth in fraternity membership through more bids granted to rushees during recruitment.

  • Create initiatives that provide academic support to our members and raise the fraternity GPA to its historically above-average figure.

  • Revamp IFC safety and wellness programs that encourage a culture of awareness and openness about topics including sexual assault and mental health.

  • Continue to work with DPS and LAPD to create guidelines that are both safe and reasonable.

  • Increase community-wide philanthropic and community service events, in particular those that involve the greater student body and local Central Los Angeles area.

Whether a member, parent, prospective member, or affiliate, I hope our website answers any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me, any of the Executive Board, or the IFC Parents’ Council (ifpcusc@gmail) with any questions.

Thank you and Fight On!

IFC President